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Ski & Snowboard School in La Massana

La Massana is a traditional, tranquil ski resort village located within the beautiful and vast Vallnord region of Andorra. Subject to the dates, group ski lessons in La Massana are usually available in both mornings and afternoons. After having learnt on the pistes of the La Massana ski area in the morning, the idea is that you perfect your skills and enjoy yourself more the remaining hours each day. Please use the Ski Holiday Extras booking engine above to find the selection that most suits you. We have carefully chosen the ski schools that we work with in La Massana.  All of the teaching staff we use in La Massana are certified English speaking instructors so you are guaranteed to be in good hands while you learn to ski or snowboard in La Massana.

Why should I book my ski hire in La Massana early?

We recommend that you book your ski school in La Massana as early as possible, to ensure that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible. It also means that you can be guaranteed of a place in the ski school: places fill up fast, especially in school holidays!

What level of Ski School in La Massana should I choose?

The level of ski school that you need in La Massana depends on how much skiing experience you already have. The name of the category reflects your level, from Beginner, to Lower Intermediate, upper Intermediate and Advanced. Please use the Ski Holiday Extras booking engine above to select the type of ski school you need in La Massana.

La Massana Adult Ski Lessons: Beginner - Class 1 - Ski classes for people who have never skied before or have limited dry ski slope experience. These classes will teach you the basics and will have you going down the green slopes of Arcalis, snowplough turning and in control by the end of the week!

La Massana Adult ski lessons: Beginner/Intermediate – Class 2 - For those who already have some skiing experience i.e. you have skied one week and you can ski down green runs in a basic snowplough. At the end of these classes you will be linking your turns with confidence on the pistes of the local ski area and moving towards parallel turns.

La Massana Adult ski lessons: Intermediate – Class 3 - Intermediate ski classes for people who can ski down blue runs and manage parallel turns and link basic swings, but aren't yet comfortable on reds. At the end of a week's classes you should be able to ski down all the blues and reds in La Massana confidently having perfected your parallel turns, skiing with better style and increased speed.

La Massana Adult ski lessons: Intermediate/Advanced – Class 4 - You ski parallel, but blacks still pose problems. These ski classes will help you to learn to love moguls and those steeper pistes in La Massana. At the end of a week you should have improved upper-lower body separation, refined pressure control, improved steering techniques, and you should have mastered short swing and race turns.

La Massana Adult ski lessons: Advanced – Evasion Course - Advanced ski classes for people who ski with ease even on black runs. So, now you'll be taken around La Massana and shown some of the best runs in resort and the best off-piste, in the local ski area according to your wishes and the snow conditions.

What level of ski lessons are available for children learning to ski in La Massana ?

For children learning to ski in Andorra, there is a star system, as an added incentive to progress through to the next grade:

La Massana Child ski lessons: Complete Beginner – Class Ourson – Lessons for children who have never skied before. They will learn to ski mainly through play, put on and take off their own skis, gain confidence in moving around in skis on mainly flat terrain.

La Massana Child ski lessons: Beginner – Class Flocon – Select this option once your child has already used drag lifts. They will work towards their First star (Première Etoile). At the end of the week in La Massana they should have perfected their snowplough and can finish their turns with skis parallel.

La Massana Child ski lessons: Beginner/Intermediate – Class 1st Star – Children in this class will learn how to link turns through snowploughs, finishing their turns by slide slipping in parallels if they progress well. They should be confident enough to enjoy a fair few of the La Massana slopes.

La Massana Child ski lessons: Intermediate – Class 2nd Star - Your child has their 1st Star or you are confident they could already ski all the easy runs in La Massana. Now they will learn to make their turns parallel.

La Massana Child ski lessons: Intermediate/Advanced – Class 3rd Star - Classes for children who already have their 2nd Star or are at a level to be skiing blue and red pistes. Now they can refine their technique & improve their coordination and get out and explore the local ski area.

La Massana Child ski lessons: Advanced – Bronze Star - Advanced classes for children who have their third star or you feel confident are ready to join in with other children who are confident on all piste levels. This week he or she will be taught in La Massana how to ski moghuls and will perhaps ski in powder. Being taught to ski on various terrains will help them to become versatile, adventurous and safer skiers. 

What level of Snowboard Lessons in La Massana should I choose?      

Try to ensure that you are choosing the correct level when booking your snowboard lessons, as this will avoid any misunderstandings when in Arcalis. The category levels range from Beginner through lower and upper Intermediates to Advanced.

La Massana Snowboard lessons: Beginner - Instruction for people who have never been on a board before. You will learn how to balance, the best way to fall and how to link turns on green runs.

La Massana Snowboard lessons: Intermediate – This level is for those confident on the snowboard and have developed a good technique, looking to improve existing skills.

La Massana Snowboard lessons: Advanced - Classes for those wishing to gain more slope style and learn how to do jumps and tricks. You can improve your off-piste riding, under the supervision of a guide or instructor who knows the mountains of the local ski area well. The structure of these lessons depends on the weather and snow.

Should I Book Private Ski or Snowboard Instructor Tuition in La Massana?

If you are looking to improve at a fast pace, private ski lessons in La Massana are useful, with the instructor having more one-on-one time with you than you would experience in group ski lessons. However, this is reflected in the price. You can let us know any time preference you have for your ski tuition in La Massana and we will re-confirm that this is fine with the snowboard instructor. All members in the private ski lesson in La Massana must be of a comparable ability level, and doing the same activity in La Massana i.e. skiing or snowboarding. Many advanced skiers like to take some private ski tuition in Arcalis to help tweak their performance. 

How much does ski school and snowboard school cost in La Massana?

The price of ski lessons in La Massana for adults and children varies according to whether you would like group or private ski tuition. Group ski school prices will be much cheaper than private ski instructor prices in La Massana. In general, prices are similar or the same on most weeks. Please use the Ski Holiday Extras booking engine above to check which lessons and tuition prices in La Massana are available on the date you are skiing.

How do I book my ski and snowboard lessons in La Massana?

The booking of your ski lessons in La Massana is simple; just select what you would like: private ski lessons or group ski lessons. There is then the option to choose between snowboarding and skiing tuition in La Massana. Once selected, identify the levels of lessons that each person in the group will require (e.g. intermediate). Afterwards, simply select how many people in your group are adults, children etc according to each level, as well as how many days worth of lessons you would like to take. Then, add this to your basket, taking care to make sure the correct quantity is entered into the box each time.  

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